Sometimes we need to know where the user came from, for example, if this is desktop then show button, or if this is a smart phone display this larger button.

Well, I have not found another way to do this without using javascript. So, here’s the code.


var mobile = function(){
	return {
			var uagent = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
			var list = this.mobiles;
			var ismobile = false;
			for(var d=0;d<list.length;d+=1){
					ismobile = true;
			return ismobile;
			"windows ce","benq","mda","mot-","opera mini",
			"philips","pocket pc","sagem","samsung","sda",

	alert('You are using a mobile phone to view this page..');
	alert('You are using a desktop browser to view this page..');

The code takes the useragent (a string that contains information about the browser) and compares with a list of mobile devices. If the useragent contains any of the mobile phones in the list of declared returns true, then you know it is a mobile phone or a desktop. Thus, you can redirect eg, the mobile user to a different page.


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